Gothics Mountain | 4,736ft

October 15, 2011



Gothics Mountain

Gothics Mountain, part of the Great Range in the High Peaks Region, is most well-known for it's dramatic slides.  At 4736 feet tall, Gothics is the tenth highest mountain in the Adirondacks. This peak can be reached via the St. Hubert's parking area/trailhead or via The Garden in Keene Valley.  Heading out from St. Hubert's on a beautiful fall day, Evan and I made our way to Gothics after first making a pit stop at Pyramid Peak.  Pyramid is definitely worth a visit!  It offers stunning views of Gothics and the surrounding peaks of the Great Range (side-note: I may also be slightly biased about how great it is since Evan proposed there that day!).  After summiting Pyramid Peak, continue another 0.3 miles up a fairly steep trail to the summit of Gothics.  We were treated to clear views of blue sky, mountains, and some splashes of fall color in the surrounding forests.