Upper Wolfjaw Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Upper Wolfjaw Mountain

Generally climbed alongside Lower Wolfjaw, Armstrong, and Gothics, Upper Wolfjaw is not the most remarkable of the four peaks. That said, it is often a good and quiet stopping point for lunch as it’s close to the middle mark if you’re climbing all four. While the summit is somewhat treed, there are a number of side trails leading to various lookouts near the top that provide good views of the neighboring peaks and great places to pause and eat your lunch.
Esther Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Esther Mountain

Sometimes thought of as Whiteface’s little sister, Esther is often hiked in the same day as Whiteface and is named for Esther McComb, who in 1839 at only 15 tried to summit Whiteface, got lost, and ended up climbing this peak instead. With great views of its neighbor Whiteface as well as views of Lake Placid and the nearby lowlands, Esther is a perfect moderate-level hike.
Big Slide Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Big Slide Mountain

Known (and named) for the rock slide on its south face, Big Slide is one of the less challenging high peaks and offers incredible views from the summit to boot. It can be hiked as an out and back or as a loop, hiking over two smaller peaks on one leg of the trip.

Allen Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Allen Mountain

Allen Mountain is definitely one of the more remote Adirondack High Peaks, with a long hike in and an unmaintained trail (herd path) to the top. As a result, it’s not as popular as some of the more accessible peaks, although it does boast some beautiful views from its summit, something that many of the other unmaintained peaks cannot say.
Mount Marshall | Pure Adirondacks

Mount Marshall

Mount Marshall is named after Robert Marshall, who drafted up the original list of the 46 peaks with his brother George. He was also the first to summit all 46ers alongside Herb Clark.
Seward Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Seward Mountain

Named after William Henry Seward, a New York Governor and Secretary of State in Lincoln’s cabinet, this mountain is often climbed in the same trip as Donaldson and Emmons, the three mountains together making up the Seward Range.

Hough Peak | Pure Adirondacks

Hough Peak

Named for one of the Adirondack’s early conservationists, Franklin Hough, this peak is usually hiked in conjunction with the Dix peaks and Macomb.
Armstrong Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Armstrong Mountain

Named after Thomas Armstrong, a local lumberman in the 1800s, Armstrong isn’t one of the most popular peaks in the area and is often hiked in conjunction with the Wolfjaws and Gothics.
Macomb Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Macomb Mountain

Macomb is one of the unmarked peaks in the Dix Wilderness, and while easy to hike by itself, it is often hiked in conjunction with the Dix peaks and Hough, particularly given that the trailhead is quite remote.

Couchsachraga Peak | Pure Adirondacks

Couchsachraga Peak

Couchsachraga (pronounced “Kook-sa-cra-ga” and affectionately called “Couchy” by locals) is the lowest of the 46ers (and not actually above 4,000 feet), but don’t let that fool you – it is a trailless peak that is in a remote location, making it challenging despite its low elevation.
Dial Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Dial Mountain

Dial is a pretty quick hike when starting from the Ausable Club’s Lake Road. It’s a pretty easy out and back, unless you’d like to pair it with additional peaks. If you are to make the hike a loop and include Bear Den and Nippletop (which we recommend as it makes sense to snag Dial and Nippletop in one go), keep in mind that it requires a significant amount of climbing and descending.
Panther Peak | Pure Adirondacks

Panther Peak

One of the trailless peaks in the Santanoni Range, Panther is usually hiked in conjunction with Santanoni and often with Couchsachraga as well. The trail is most easily and frequently accessed from Bradley Pond via the old Tahawus Club Road, and be prepared with a map and GPS if you have one – the Santanonis are out there!

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