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With the rapid growth of digital sphere, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with other people passionate about the Adirondack Park and began to build our niche in the online community. This growing PureADK community includes everyone: from natives who have lived in the park their whole lives; weekend warriors who live just outside the park and visit as much as possible; annual visitors, who all year look forward to that one-week vacation to the park to unwind and reconnect with family/friends; those who have never been to the area, but have it on their bucket list to make the trip; and outdoor enthusiasts in general that enjoy following our adventures both in the Adirondack Park and around the globe as we travel beyond the Adirondacks.

Lifestyle Brand

There are countless enthusiasts that are as passionate about all things Adirondack as we are.  Whether a full-time resident or a visitor, we all have an appreciation for being in the Adirondacks - the crisp mountain air, a cool breeze coming in off the lake, the melancholy call of the loon reassuring us that life is good. In an effort to express our passion for the area, we’ve launched a line of high-quality products that reflects the feeling the Adirondacks evoke in us. Sitting next to the wood stove sipping coffee from one of our mugs, summiting a mountain wearing one of our hats, or relaxing by the campfire on a summer cozying up in one of our hoodies, we hope that our products remind our customers of their Adirondack experiences.  

Digital Resource

In addition to building a niche community and creating quality products inspired by the Adirondack Park, the PureADK website also shares information and personal experiences from a wide mixture of outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the Adirondacks. Interested in sharing your own Adirondack experiences with our community? Drop us an email!


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