PureADK Pioneers

Featured below are our ambassadors. Many of them started as customers and became good friends/acquintances along our journey of sharing our adventures and developing PureADK as a lifestyle brand featuring ADK-Inspired Apparel & Goods. They all have a shared love for the region and the abundance of recreation opportunities available in all seasons.

Dan F.

Dan is a Central New York resident who tries to spend as much time outside when he isn’t stuck behind a desk Monday-Friday. The Adirondack Park is his favorite place to cure his weekend getaway cravings. Among his several outdoor hobbies, Dan is most passionate about mountain biking, but has recently grown to love hiking the 46ers and Fire Towers just as much!

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Emily & Geoff

Emily, a radiation therapist, and Geoff, a software engineer, spend their free time playing in the peaks & valleys of the park. The mountains are what brought them together, where they got married, and where they now reside. Whether it be reaching their next mountain conquest, paddling the streams & lakes that lay in between, cross country skiing new trails, mountain biking or exploring with their rescue dog, Janet, this is the place where they truly feel at home. They always enjoy finding the best local restaurants & pubs and seeing who has the best brew selection in the area.

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Matt S.

Matt is a resident of the Adirondack Park. He's an avid Hiker, skier and paddler. Matt starts each morning petting his dog and two cats on the head and brewing a strong cup of black coffee. A graduate of SUNY Potsdam's Wilderness Education Program, Matt enjoys sharing his passion for the Adirondack park with new visitors. Matt has spent time working as a guide for backpacking and canoe trips, employed at YMCA camps and is now a professional in the outdoor industry.

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Doug M.

Doug is an Automation Technologist by day and extreme sports enthusiast by night. After staring at a computer all day he is always ready to go exert some energy with a 0-60 lifestyle. In the last 5 years he has found multiple new hobbies like mountain biking, snowboarding and wakesurfing. Doug is always searching for the next place to ride his bike and is determined to ride every trail the Adirondacks has to offer. Between his new found love for outdoor sports and Pure Adirondacks Crew taking him out of his comfort zone, he is always looking forward to his next Adirondack adventure.

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Manuel P.

Manuel (Manny) is a scientist and outdoor photographer based out of Upstate New York in the Mohawk River area. He spends most days and nights wandering around the beauty of the Adirondacks. For Manuel, landscape photography is not just a means to document moments, but a way to artistically interpret and feel landscapes. He loves pushing photography to its technical limits and enjoys teaching others how to get the most from their cameras.

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Patrick B.

Pat is a senior at SUNY Plattsburgh where he studies Ecology. A native of the Adirondacks, he quickly became fascinated by his surroundings. The diversity and incredible landscapes there left him with a passion for understanding the natural world. He is an avid hiker, snowboarder, adventurer and photographer. Pat spends his summers working for the DEC where he teaches kids about the environment and conservation.

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Joey P.

Joey is a scientist and wilderness photographer based out of Clifton Park, NY. He has a deep passion for exploring and photographing the Adirondacks with his wife, Amanda, his dog, Maggie, and father, Joe. While his love for the outdoors precedes his passion for photography, he now could not imagine having one without the other. Joey also greatly enjoys writing about his outdoor adventures, and one of the main goals he hopes to accomplish through his photography and stories is to inspire others to get outside and discover the same feelings of awe and wonder that the wilderness instills in him. More of his work can be found at his website and on Instagram.

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Chris M.

Chris is a native of Western New York, growing up on a golf course and campground, ten minutes from Letchworth State Park. Chris discovered the Adirondacks when he studied at Clarkson University. He currently resides in Rochester, NY with his girlfriend, Cassara and two dogs, Luna and Waylon. He’s heavily involved in endurance sports in WNY as the Lead Timer for YellowJacket Racing. During his free time you will find him running, traveling, hiking, kayaking, and visiting the ADKs as much as possible.