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Evan Williams

CHIEF PIONEER | Evan manages & oversees the day-to-day operation of the brand.

A native Adirondacker, Evan grew up with his family in Wilmington, NY. After moving away from the area, he always found he was drawn back to the mountains. Using his photo & video skills, he launched PureADK as an outdoor-focused blog to document his adventures revisiting the Adirondacks with his wife and adventure-companion, Hilary. Today, PureADK has evolved into a brand, including a product line and collection of ADK-inspired goods that area sold to people all over the place via their online shop. You can also follow Evan on Instagram.

Hilary Williams

ASSISTANT to the CHIEF PIONEER | Content writing, fulfillment, pop-up shops... you name it... Hilary does a little bit of everything behind the scenes.

Summers spent camping in the Adirondacks with family are some of Hilary’s fondest childhood memories. Those early Adirondack explorations definitely influenced the love of hiking, kayaking, and all things outdoors that she has now! The natural beauty of the mountains piqued her interest in diversity and biological sciences. This passion for the environment led her to a career in environmental consulting in Syracuse, NY. After a full week of working, she always looks forward to weekends spent camping out under the stars or breaking trails after a fresh snowfall. You can also follow Hilary on Instagram.


FURRY PIONEER | Lucy joined our family/team in September 2016. She's an adventurous mutt and has quite a personality. She loves snow, water, playing, and just being outdoors in general. We adopted her from Helping Hounds in Syracuse, NY and since she's become a huge part of our daily life and outdoor adventures around Upstate NY, the Adirondacks, and beyond. You can also follow along Lucy on Instagram.


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Evan, Hilary, and Lucy 🐾