Photo by Kevin MacKenzie (aka "MudRat")

Adirondack Rock & Ice Climbing

The granite faces that dominate the Adirondack rock climbing scene are full of tantalizing blank faces, splitter cracks, crags, and cliffs. Some of New York’s best climbing routes can be found deep in the Adirondack wilderness or even just off of the highway.  The lines are not well-worn, so finding your own path is not a problem.  With well over 250 climbing areas throughout the Park, each different from the other, climbers are often humbled by the traditional approach required. Keene Valley and the Cascade Lakes Region are popular for climbers looking for easy access, high reward pitches and backcountry crags, like those found on Gothics and the Cranberry Lake Region, test stamina and skills.

Ice Climbing Panther Gorge - Story by Nolan Huther

Ice Climbing Avalanche Mt. Gully - Story by Kevin MacKenzie (aka "MudRat")

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Adirondack Rock

This is THE guidebook for rock climbing in the Adirondack Park, New York State. Now in its second edition, this book contains all known rock climbing routes (3,100 of them) on more than 320 cliffs in the park.