Our Story

PureADK began as an outdoor-focused blog to share and document our outdoor adventures has evolved into a lifestyle brand of quality goods and a community of people passionate about sharing their personal stories and experiences in and around the Adirondack Park. 

We’re all about creating quality products that are a reflection of the outdoor lifestyle and activities we love in the Adirondack Mountains. Whether born & raised an Adirondack native or a frequent vacationer, we all have a common bond - It’s those feelings and memories that the Adirondacks evoke in us.

Our product offerings include soft goods like apparel, shirts and hats - all the way to stickers, limited edition prints and artwork, hiking supplies, and more. All our products can be found directly on this website in our online shop. We do not have a physical store location, but do have a few retail partners in Upstate NY.

To get to know us a bit more and hear about our brand story with PureADK, tune into episode #130 on The 46 of 46 Podcast.

Family photo alongside Newcomb Lake.