Outdoor Gear & Supply Reviews

Field Tested in the Adirondacks

 PURE™ device is an electrolytic water purifier that uses a simple brine solution (just water and salt) to produce a mixed oxidant disinfectant that can purify even the dirtiest water.  The science behind the mixed oxidant production and it’s affect on the organisms potentially living in the water is really neat; with chlorine and peroxide working together to effectively kill potential contaminants. Read More
Woolx, a company based here in upstate New York, is making their mark on the merino wool and outdoor gear markets.  The 100% merino wool garments that Woolx produces are smooth and soft, with absolutely no itchiness.  In fact, Woolx is so sure that you will love this part of their product that they offer customers a 30-day 100% No-Itch Guarantee!  The next best thing - you can wash and dry your Woolx clothes with no fear of shrinkage.  
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It is getting easier to find products that are both good for you and incredibly tasty. One of our more recent snack discoveries that fits into that category is the Munk Pack. Munk Packs contain a mix of whole grain rolled oats, flax and delicious fruits. The founders were tired of your usual granola bar and were looking for something was minimally processed, without the sugars, syrups and fillers you find in most bars.

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If Evan had to choose just one GoPro accessory to bring with him on an adventure, I could easily tell you that it would be the telescopic poles made by XShot.  Whether it be the pocket XShot or the 2.0 version, the convenience of the XShot’s packability is not lost on anyone that has to pack a backpack for anything from a day hike to a 10-day wilderness excursion. Read More

Patagonia Piolet Jacket Review

November 10, 2011

The Piolet jacket is a shell from Patagonia’s alpine collection. The coat features 2 layer GORE-TEX® materials and a full range of technical features, making it suitable for endeavors under the sun, snow and rain. Often when looking for a new shell we tend to gravitate towards items that are the “toughest”. Read More