Good To-Go: Gourmet Meals for Backpackers

Good To-Go: Gourmet Meals for Backpackers - Pure Adirondacks

After a long day of strenuous hiking and exposure to fresh air, nothing beats a flavorful, filling meal and cold refreshing beverage.  Unfortunately, delicious and nutritious meals are not always easy to cram into a bear canister and carry around for miles on end.  This is where Good To-Go comes into play. Based out of Kittery, Maine, Good To-Go is a game changer in the dehydrated meals market.  Offering lightweight and gourmet meals, their products are quick to make and made with all natural ingredients.  Good To-Go’s mission is to “create real food for real adventure.”

Good To-Go was founded by Jennifer Scism, an award-winning chef, and her outdoor-loving husband, David Koorits.  After 10 years as the owner of one of New York’s top-rated restaurants, Jennifer moved to the southern coast of Maine in 2010. It was here she met her husband and developed a greater passion for the outdoors.  When tasked with planning meals for a 7-day backcountry trip in the Adirondacks, Jennifer found that she was not pleased with the packaged options that were available, so she made her own.  Jennifer took her new-found love of backpacking and outdoor adventures and combined them with her experience creating delicious dishes to establish Good To-Go.  

She started experimenting, knowing that she could make more flavorful and nutritious meals to keep fueled on the trail. The result: four lightweight, dehydrated gourmet meals made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives.  From the Smoked Three Bean Chili to the Herbed Mushroom Risotto, and the Thai Curry to the Classic Marinara, the flavors burst - an impressive feat for a dehydrated meal.  According to the founders, each recipe was developed with one ultimate goal in mind: to elevate your expectations of what trail food can taste like.  These four meals are just the beginning; eventually Jennifer and David want to expand the Good To-Go line to include more breakfast, dinner, and dessert options.

What’s your go-to backpacking meal or snack?

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