Adirondack Hiking

The High Peaks, Fire Towers, and many more

Couchsachraga (pronounced “Kook-sa-cra-ga” and affectionately called “Couchie” by locals) is the lowest of the 46ers (and not actually above 4,000 feet), but don’t let that fool you – it is a trailless peak that is in a remote location, making it challenging despite its low elevation. Read More
Dial is a pretty quick hike when starting from the Ausable Club’s Lake Road. It’s a pretty easy out and back, unless you’d like to pair it with additional peaks. If you are to make the hike a loop and include Bear Den and Nippletop (which we recommend as it makes sense to snag Dial and Nippletop in one go), keep in mind that it requires a significant amount of climbing and descending. Read More
Considered a challenging hike, particularly on hot days, but also seen as one of the best hikes in the Adirondacks for peak fall foliage, Rocky Peak Ridge is a pretty climb with some steep ups and downs, and is often done in conjunction with Giant, as it adds a little over 2.5 miles to include Giant in the trip. Read More
The first of the “trailless” high peaks to have a well-marked herd path, TableTop is quite accessible from Adirondack Loj, making it also one of the more popular of the trailless 46ers. Additionally, the start from the Adirondack Loj means the mountain is quite easily traversable in the winter—you can ski as far as the herd path, which is then usually broken out by snowshoes the rest of the way. Read More
One of the trailless peaks in the Santanoni Range, Panther is usually hiked in conjunction with Santanoni and often with Couchsachraga as well. The trail is most easily and frequently accessed from Bradley Pond via the old Tahawus Club Road, and be prepared with a map and GPS if you have one – the Santanonis are out there! Read More
Wright is one of the easier 46ers – it was my first at age eight! Predictably, it’s great for families with younger kids and is an enjoyable hike with good views throughout. Near the summit, there is a plaque marking the site of a 1962 plane crash, and you can sometimes still find debris scattered nearby. Read More
One of the trailless 46ers, Redfield was named by Verplanck Colvin after Professor William Redfield, a meteorologist who organized the first expedition up Marcy. You may even thank Redfield for the “High Peaks” moniker, since he was the first to describe Marcy as the “High Peak of the Essex”. Read More
The namesake and largest peak of the Santanoni Range, Santanoni can be a challenging climb, particularly when paired, as it often is, with Panther and Couchsachraga, the other two mountains that make up the Santanonis. Read More
One of the high peaks that it makes the most sense to hike in a series of other peaks, Nippletop has a long level approach before climbing on steeper trails, giving it a more significant mileage number despite the fact that the climb is not terribly long. Read More
One of the more accessible and straight-forward high peaks, Giant is a perfect hike to do as a family or in a larger group. There is a great view from the top, and afterwards you can cross the road and go for a swim in Chapel Pond. Read More
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