Beyond ADK

Exploration Outside The Blue Line

In the spring of 2016, I had a chance to explore the southern Finger Lakes region with Jenna & Micah from Following our cabin weekend in the Adirondacks, we made our way towards Elmira, NY to kick-off a week of traveling around the towns and villages that make up the southern tier of New York state.  Read More
Iceland is one of those places with an endless allure. After you get your first taste of the unique and inspiring country, you start finding reasons to venture back. For our second visit to Iceland, we partnered up with Happy Campers and our friends from Wander The Map to tour the Western fjords and make another trip around the ring road to catch some of the fantastic sights we missed the first time. Read More
One of my favorite parts about traveling to a new country is getting to see new animal species. Although I never got to see an elusive kiwi in New Zealand, I did spot another cool bird, the kea - the only alpine parrot notorious for its curiosity and love of trinkets - as well as some of the native New Zealand fur seals. Read More
As a fun way to present our June 2016 trip in Iceland, we created the map below to show you our route and the awesome places that we visited along the way. Read More
This past June Evan and I, along with our travel buddies – Micah and Jenna Kvidt of Wander the Map – teamed up with Happy Campers to explore Iceland.  Our 10 day trip was full of adventure, sightseeing, and plenty of laughs. Read More

Our last day on the trail was a very short one. We woke up to gray skies and a little bit of rain, so we took our time getting packed up. We shared breakfast with the Kiwis and then split ways. After packing all of our gear, we grabbed a cable car from La Flégère to Plan Praz, where we caught up with the TMB trail and walked about 20 minutes into Chamonix. Read More

Waking up to sunshine streaming in through the windows at la Boerne was a welcome change from the cloudy days we had gotten used to. Breakfast was the usual bread with jam and coffee, but with the added bonus of fresh bananas! We were on the trail by 9am, and we started off with a steady climb for the next hour and a half. Read More
By the time we left the hotel at around 8:30, the rain had subsided to a light sprinkle but the humidity was pretty intense. We began our ascent up to the Col du Balme immediately, starting with a seemingly endless amount of switchbacks just to get us out of the valley in which Trient lays. Read More
Waking up at Bon Abri, we looked out the window only to discover a thick fog and some light sprinkling rain. Unfortunately this poor visibility meant that we would have to take the Alp Bovine route rather than the highly rated alternate route over Fenetre d'Arpette. Read More
Day 6 of our trek was a wet one! After a delightful breakfast, we stepped out the door and were greeted with some sprinkles. We donned our rain gear and walked the short distance from La Lechere into La Fouly. When we arrived in the quaint town, the rain picked up and we decided to take a break in a little building that held the mail boxes of the locals in order to make a plan for the day. Read More