A Taste of Paddling in the Adirondack Park

October 15, 2015



As my paddle dips into the water, I hear that ever-familiar sound of the water breaking way followed by the drip of the water from the blade as I finish my stroke.  Those movements fall into a comfortable rhythm and I find myself breathing deeply, succumbing to the almost hypnotic state that paddling can put me in.  The water is one of my favorite refuges; and what better way to explore it than by canoe or kayak? There is something entirely alluring about floating out on a cool Adirondack lake in the midst of the dog days of summer or being able to see the wide array of fall colors from the water’s perspective.  From getting up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife to exploring the islands full of wild blueberries that often grace Adirondack lakes, a day full of paddling offers something for every type of adventurer.

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