Camp Trend - Modern Camp Culture

January 07, 2015

We’ve had a profile on Instagram now for about a year and a half. For us, it’s been a neat platform to share our Adirondack adventures, as well as a place to connect with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts that share similar passions. One day, when scanning through photos hashtagged with “#Adirondacks” I stumbled upon a photograph of a camp spot on Lake Lila that really caught my eye. I saw that the photo was shared by @CampTrend, so I continued to browse through their feed and found amazing photos that captured the essence of camp culture. I discovered that a website was connected to this profile and learned that Camp Trend was launched by a couple who lived and worked in Philadelphia, but then decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

Mark Christy and Nives Riddle both were having successful careers in Philly, however, their time with each other continued to become more limited. They decided it would be a much more enjoyable life to pursue their passion, so now they’re “out on a mission to document modern camp culture and inspire others to get out and live more wild”, as Mark describes this new chapter of their lives.

As the Creative Directors for Camp Trend, Mark and Nives have setup a visual based site that we find very inspiring. It points out different camp spots, covers helpful gear that can be used for camping, and also shares their own adventures on the road, as seen through their blog called Camp By Camp. They’ve even teamed up with Matt McAdow of Camp Illustrated to have him convert outdoor photos hashtagged with #CampTrend on Instagram into some artistic illustrations. To our excitement, one of our photos from this past summer on Lake Lila happened to be one of the first one’s featured! Check it out below:

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