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In 2008, you couldn’t buy artisan chocolate in a supermarket, corner store or deli. You had to search for it in specialty shops and gourmet stores in neighboring cities. And if your town wasn’t lucky enough to have a good, local chocolate’d turn to the internet and hope for the best.

Enter Barkeater Chocolates.

Our mission was and still is to “provide a memorable experience every single time.” Memorable in that you’ll never forget the flavor. Or making the trip to our factory store. Or visiting us during your family vacation.

Today, fine chocolate is much more plentiful and accessible, though not always affordable. We don’t believe great chocolate should be cost-prohibitive. We believe no one should have to settle for mediocre. Ten years later, we make a full line of Barkeater chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, bark, truffles & caramels. Each product made with wholesome ingredients and a FlavorWow™  taste that you will never forget.

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