Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Creating a community and lifestyle brand for storytellers and outdoor recreationists who are inspired by their exploration of the Adirondack Park.

Our Goals


We hope to provide inspiration to others that will motivate them to try a new activity, visit a new business or event, or even explore a different region of the Adirondacks.

We take pride in personally communicating with our community and customers. From responding to comments across social media and meeting up on the trails with members of our community to answering emails and phone calls from customers, we strive to maintain that personal connection.
      We will provide information in an effort to help guide our community in their outdoor pursuits and influence them to be great stewards to protect the vast landscape of the Adirondack Park.
        Give Back
        We will dedicate a portion of our time to charitable and volunteer efforts that will ultimately benefit the Adirondack Park by having a positive impact on the local communities and environment.
          Supply Value
          We strive to provide unique content and high-quality goods to our community and customers.