Adirondack Hiking

#39 Mount Colvin
Colvin has a beautiful view of Marcy and the Great Range from its summit. The only caveat is that there is a moderately long (though mostly flat) hike in from the Ausable Club to the head of Lower Ausable Lake before you can start climbing up to the summit.
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#38 Porter Mountain
Often hiked with Cascade, Porter is perhaps the second easiest 46er to summit. It is not a much longer hike than Cascade and shares the same trail most of the way to the top. It also has beautiful views of the Cascade Lakes and surrounding peaks, making it a worthwhile morning or afternoon hike.
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#37 South Dix
Grouped among and usually summited alongside the other mountains in the Dix range (Macomb, Dix, Hough, and East Dix), South Dix is beautiful in its own right, despite the fact that it is seldom if ever the only peak summited in a day’s hike. South Dix is actually in the process of being renamed to Carson Peak, in commemoration of Russell Carson, a former President of the Adirondack Mountain Club.
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#36 Cascade Mountain
The easiest and most accessible of the 46 high peaks, Cascade can also be one of the most crowded. A popular hike for families in the summertime, snowshoers in the winter, and athletes just out for a quick jaunt, the parking areas near the trailhead are often full and you will often find cars parked along the road.
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