Adirondack Hiking

#32 Phelps Mountain
A beautiful and more "accessible" Adirondack High Peak. Given its accessibility and the regular use of its trails, Phelps is also a popular mountain to ski or snowshoe during the winter. Phelps is named for Old Man Phelps, the well-known guide who cut the first trail up Marcy and led many trips to its summit. 
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#31 Street Mountain
One of the most accessible “trail-less” peaks, Street Mountain is typically hiked in the same trip as Nye. While Street has a wooded summit, there is an opening with a decent view near the summit. Since both Street and Nye have poor views and unmaintained trails, they tend to be quieter options than many of the other hikes that begin at Adirondack Loj, and are a good bet if you’re looking to run into fewer people during the busy season.
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#30 Lower Wolfjaw Mountain
The Wolfjaws are said to have received their name from the painter Alexander Wyant, who began summering in Keene in 1869 and from a vantage point on Noonmark Mountain he painted the mountains with this representation in mind. Lower Wolfjaw has a better view than Upper, and can be hiked solo or en route to Upper Wolfjaw, Armstrong, and Gothics.
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