Skiing the Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway

Skiing the Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway - Pure Adirondacks
It was early November in the Northeast, but by the looks of the picture above you would think it was the middle of January. On November 7th my dad and I took a hike up the Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway (about 5 miles in length). The clouds gradually cleared out during our ascent and by the time we reached the summit the sun was brightly shining on the snow. We met all kinds of people out enjoying the weather, going up and down on their skis or snowshoes. After enjoying some of the views from the "Lake Placid Turn", I buckled my boots and stepped in my skis for the ride down to the bottom. My dad had his own form of transportation, a purple plastic sled. He is on a mission to create a new sport. He calls it the "Snow Skeleton". All in all, a good day in the mountains.

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