Local Spotlight: ADK Canoe Company

Local Spotlight: ADK Canoe Company - Pure Adirondacks

One of our favorite ways to explore the Adirondacks is by boat out on the water.  During the dog days of summer, nothing beats a relaxing paddle on a cool lake.  While we only have kayaks right now, we can’t wait until we have the space to get a canoe (or two!).  Don’t get us wrong; kayaks are awesome.  There are times, however, when the extra space offered by a canoe would be incredibly useful – case in point, our Lake Lila camping outing.  We were able to fit everything we needed in our kayaks, but there was not much room to spare.  Almost more importantly, the packed kayaks were heavy – heavy enough to tire us out on the portage from the car to the lake.

Ever since our friends at Fountain Square Outfitters introduced us to the Adirondack Canoe Company, we have had our eyes on their lightweight and incredibly sturdy canoes. Founded and run by Simon Gardner and Chad Smith, two canoe artisans with a combined 25 years of experience, the Adirondack Canoe Company produces lightweight and durable boats. The single person kayak-styled canoes are made of Kevlar and carbon fiber, and at twelve feet long, their first design weighs only 20 pounds! At the Feeder Canal Alliance Canoe/Kayak Race last June, Chad and Simon had a booth set up at the finish line to display one of their awesome canoes and answer any questions.  At least one of the race participants even had an Adirondack Canoe Company boat on the water, an excellent showcase for the canoe’s abilities.  Between the boat’s performance on the water and the knowledge of the builders, the canoe practically sells itself.

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