2019 Recap & Reflections | Pure Adirondacks

2019 Recap & Reflections

It’s been a couple of years since we did a “recap of the year” article and given that we’re closing out the decade, we figured it’d be fun to share our adventures, milestones, and other happenings from 2019 and this past decade.
Local Spotlight: Pure Northern | Pure Adirondacks

Local Spotlight: Pure Northern

This Local Spotlight focuses on an incredible artist from a small town near Potsdam, NY - Tarah Evans, the owner of Pure Northern, LLC. We recently had an opportunity to speak with her about her business, passions, the Adirondacks, and most importantly, her dog Alby!

8-Day Solo Trip on the Northville-Placid Trail | Pure Adirondacks

8-Day Solo Trip on the Northville-Placid Trail

Danielle Rootes is a photographer, hiker, and nursing student located in Saranac Lake. She recently completed a solo thru-hike of the Northville-Placid Trail in August of 2019. 
Local Spotlight: Green Goat Maps | Pure Adirondacks

Local Spotlight: Green Goat Maps

Green Goat Maps is an environmentally friendly map company focused on responsible recreation and Leave No Trace principles. We make durable, waterproof maps that are beautiful to look at, easy to use, and provide invaluable information to our map users. 

Autumn in the Adirondacks | Pure Adirondacks

Autumn in the Adirondacks

While it’s sad to see the summer season end, it is also very exciting to anticipate autumn ahead of us! For most of us, a few special things come to mind when we think of this season – cider, apples, crisp air, fall festivals, and colorful leaves! 
Adirondack Mountain Bike Festival | Pure Adirondacks

Adirondack Mountain Bike Festival

Cooler temperatures, stunning fall foliage, the absence of annoying bugs, and about 25 miles of top-grade, machine-built and hand-built trails will combine to make the Adirondack Mountain Bike Festival on October 5th & 6th.

VIDEO: Spring Adventures | Pure Adirondacks

VIDEO: Spring Adventures

Between the spring showers, we were still able to get out and enjoy the Adirondacks. Take a peek at our spring in review – and onwards to a great summer!
Northville-Placid Trail Experience | Pure Adirondacks

Northville-Placid Trail Experience

One moment that stands out is from the first day when I passed the Northville-Placid Trail trailhead sign and trail register, then first entered the wilderness. There was a gradient of modernity to nature I observed as I left the comforts of my car and walked from the paved streets of Northville, to gravel roads leading into the woods, eventually reaching the detritus covered forest floor. 

Local Spotlight: The Hub | Brant Lake, NY | Pure Adirondacks

Local Spotlight: The Hub | Brant Lake, NY

The Hub is like a ski lodge or a golf clubhouse for cycling. A place to park, meet, change, warm up, cool down, get something to eat or drink with technical services for the activity that you’re doing.
Unconventional Ice Fishing | Pure Adirondacks

Unconventional Ice Fishing

Spring is probably most commonly thought of as the least enjoyable season in the Adirondacks. Between slushy muddy trails and the black flies starting to come out, most people don’t know what to do outside. If you like to give the mountain trails a rest during mud season, you realize the need to get creative with your outdoor activities.

Winter 46 Journey | Jay Whitbourne | Pure Adirondacks

Winter 46 Journey | Jay Whitbourne

I have seen some of the most amazing cloud inversions during the winter and had some of the most surreal moments when the snow conditions are just right, the sky is clear, the wind is calm and the air isn't nipping at your skin. I can't say I have a favorite day precisely, but more of a series of great moments to remember.  
Winter 46 Journey | Sam Perkins | Pure Adirondacks

Winter 46 Journey | Sam Perkins

Reaching the summit of MacNaughton was one of my favorite days. It’s not one of the official 46 High Peaks, but it stands at 4000’, so I wanted to get it done. It took me and Jay two separate trips, within five days, to finally reach the summit. 

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