Trail Log

Backcountry Skiing - Mt. Marcy Trip - Pure Adirondacks
Following a decent snowfall winter in January and February, my friend Dave and I decided to do a backcountry ski trip out to Mt. Marcy. Starting from Adirondack Loj, the trip is about 7.4 miles one-way to the summit. After making sure we were prepared with all our necessary gear, we put on our skis and started our trip. 
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Foxy Brown Ski Loop | Piseco, NY - Pure Adirondacks
The Foxy Brown Trail, named after Adirondack hermit Foxy Brown, is a multi-use 5.6-mile loop located within the Jessup River Wild Forest. Foxy Brown worked in logging around Lake Pleasant and Speculator before building himself a small log cabin in the backcountry outside of Piseco.
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Snowshoe to Puffer Pond - Pure Adirondacks
With sunshine in the forecast, we packed up our snowshoes, Lucy, and all the supplies needed to make a mean cup of hot chocolate, and made our way to the Chimney Mountain Trailhead.  Evan and I have hiked Chimney a number of times which is always a great trek, but the day’s journey was toward Puffer Pond, a popular destination in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness.
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