LocalADK: North Creek Mosaic Project | Pure Adirondacks

LocalADK: North Creek Mosaic Project

North Creek is home to one of the largest pieces of community art in the North Country. Artist Kate Hartley has been working on creating a beautiful and detailed mosaic art installation on a 40-year-old retaining wall in the middle of town. 
Maple Season & Mark Twain Mapleworks | Pure Adirondacks

Maple Season & Mark Twain Mapleworks

In March, as winter thaws and spring peepers start to make their presence known through song, maple sugaring season begins in New York! As the second-largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, New York has truly made use of our abundant Sugar Maples.

COVID-19 Updates & Recreating Responsibly | Pure Adirondacks

COVID-19 Updates & Recreating Responsibly

We're all going through a strange and anxious time with the unfortunate spread of COVID-19. It's been a shake-up to the daily life and routine of many. And a bit unknown of what the coming weeks and months will look like. 
A Photographer’s Perspective of The Mount Colden Loop | Pure Adirondacks

A Photographer’s Perspective of The Mount Colden Loop

On my first hike on the loop with Chris, we had an incredible “photo-moment” when a storm began to move in over the lake. This added even more drama to the scene. I fell in love with this view of Avalanche Lake, and I have been back several times including at night for astrophotography shoots. 

Behind the Shot - Layers of Whiteface | Pure Adirondacks

Behind the Shot - Layers of Whiteface

The Adirondacks had just been covered with a few feet of snow, and after looking at the extended forecast, it seemed likely that the weekend of March 1st could possibly be the last opportunity this year for photography and snowshoeing in peak winter conditions.
Tupper Lake Brew-Ski 2020 | Pure Adirondacks

Tupper Lake Brew-Ski 2020

With some nice snow on the ground and the sun peaking through overcast skies here and there, we gathered some friends and set out for Tupper Lake to check out the 6th annual Tupper Lake Brew-Ski.  

Behind the Shot w/ Joey Priola | Pure Adirondacks

Behind the Shot w/ Joey Priola

Capturing this photo presented several technical challenges that were exacerbated by the high winds. Upon zooming in at 10x after taking a test shot, my initial settings failed to freeze the motion of the krummholz swaying in the wind and was blurry. 
Great Camps Sagamore and Santanoni | Pure Adirondacks

Great Camps Sagamore and Santanoni

For a birthday getaway this past year, we decided to take a mini-tour of some of the Adirondack Great Camps. The first stop of the weekend was Camp Sagamore to hike a portion of the Sagamore Lake Loop and the Cascades Trail. The next day, we made our way to Camp Santanoni. Grabbing our mountain bikes and packing some snacks, we set out on the Newcomb Lake Road Trail, a 5-mile former carriage road that extends from the trailhead at the Gate Lodge to Newcomb Lake.

Climbing w/ Tom - Rogers Rock Slab | Pure Adirondacks

Climbing w/ Tom - Rogers Rock Slab

Little Finger in Lake George is a 600ft 3 pitch 5.5 climb on Rogers Rock slab. I first found the route by doing some searching on Mountain ProjectI was looking to find an easy multi-pitch climb in the Adirondacks, one that gets you high off the ground without much technical climbing. 
Autumn Elopement in the ADK | Pure Adirondacks

Autumn Elopement in the ADK

The typical wedding morning can no doubt be a whirlwind, with places to go, things to do, and people to see. This past October, when it came time for my wife and I to tie the knot, we took a different route. One that reflected not only our love for each other, but also our love for the Adirondack wilderness and the part it played in bonding us together over the past year and a half.

Queer Lake Winter Snowshoe | Pure Adirondacks

Queer Lake Winter Snowshoe

With Lucy and Birdie leading the way, the four of us followed on our snowshoes, starting out by walking beside a stream for a little over half a mile. A bridge crossing took the trail beyond the stream and eventually past an area of blow-down and eventually Windfall Pond.
Deer Pond Loop | Pure Adirondacks

Deer Pond Loop

With our cross country skis in the back of the truck, we decided to scope out a trail that we had seen many times on our drives through the Tupper Lake area. We found access to the Deer Pond Loop via Route 30 near Upper Saranac Lake.

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