Dix Mountain

December 31, 2016



While one of the more challenging trailed high peaks, Dix promises beautiful views that are just as stunning and slightly more unique than those from Marcy and Algonquin. Due to the fact that it’s a little more challenging to get to, it is often less crowded than some of the shorter high peaks. Dix is the namesake and main attraction of the Dix range, which also includes four other 46ers, South Dix, East Dix, Macomb, and Hough. If you’re really looking for a challenge you can go in for all five in one trip, although for anyone who’s not experienced (or in very good shape), it will require a night of camping.

Trail Stats

Distance: 13.6 miles round-trip

Elevation: 4,857 ft

Ascent: 3,200 ft

The hike up Dix begins immediately but gradually uphill from route 73, leveling out at .6 miles, where you will reach Round Pond. The trail follows around the north side of the pond and after .4 miles begins climbing in earnest for the next half mile. At 1.6 miles the trail levels out briefly, crossing a few muddy areas before meeting the Felix Adler trail at 2.3 miles, which will take you to Noonmark Mountain. Taking a left, the trail continues along relatively flat for another half mile, weaving near the Bouquet River and then heading upwards through the woods – heading uphill and occasionally down to the river. Eventually you will pass the Bouquet River Lean-to at 4.2 miles. You will then cross the river and continue upwards, criss-crossing a number of brooks until you reach the base of a slide at 5.8 miles on the left. After you cross the bottom of the slide, you will start the steep ascent to the summit. At 6.4 miles you will reach a junction – take a left and continue another .4 miles to the top.


Driving on route 73 from Keene, the trailhead will be a little over 5 miles past Keene Valley on the right. It will be marked as the trailhead for Round Pond and Dix Mountain, and there will be a small parking area just before the trailhead.