Chimney Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Chimney Mountain

Chimney Mountain, a 2.5 mile out and back trail, is a unique climb in the Indian Lake region that offers beautiful perspectives on the surrounding land, including King’s Flow. 
Sawyer Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Sawyer Mountain

If you’re just getting introduced to Indian Lake hiking, Sawyer Mountain is a great starting point. With only 630ft of elevation gain in about 1 mile, it makes for a great beginner hike. 
OK Slip Falls | Pure Adirondacks

OK Slip Falls

OK Slip Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the Adirondacks, was inaccessible for public exploration until the state bought the land from the Adirondack Nature Conservancy in 2013. The trail ends with a couple scenic overlooks that offer great views of the waterfall that drops over 200 feet into a gorge. 

Pillsbury Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Pillsbury Mountain

The Pillsbury Mountain fire tower has an interesting history – first made of wood in 1918, it was rebuilt out of steel not much later in 1924. Pillsbury will reward you reward with a peaceful trail, expansive views, and just the right amount of tranquility!
Wakely Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Wakely Mountain

In 1916 the Wakely Mountain fire tower was rebuilt to be the highest in the Adirondacks, and as far as we know, this still holds true. The views from the tower are expansive and well worth the family-friendly hike up!
Blue Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Blue Mountain

A relatively easy hike with one of the more picturesque fire towers and a panoramic view, Blue Mountain is a perfect fire tower climb for beginners and experienced hikers alike. The mountain is also just up the road from the excellent Adirondack Museum, which makes it appealing to families and others interested in soaking up some Adirondack knowledge.

Peaked Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Peaked Mountain

If you find yourself looking for a great day hike in the Indian Lake area, check out Peaked Mountain in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness. A great hike for families and hikers of all skill levels, this 7-mile round trip hike offers visitors a spectacular rocky summit with views of the surrounding lakes, wetlands, and mountains.
Snowy Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Snowy Mountain

On a cool and crisp early November morning, we began our trek on the 3.8-mile trail up Snowy Mountain. At 3,899 ft., Snowy is a challenging climb. The first part of the hike is an enjoyable walk in the woods, much of it along (or in!) a pretty mountain stream.

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