Goodnow Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Goodnow Mountain

Goodnow is a quick and easy hike that is perfect for families. While it is in the same region as Vanderwhacker and Mount Adams, Goodnow is more easily accessible than the other two – and the shorter, easier drive is another reason it is a perfect choice for families.
Vanderwhacker Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Vanderwhacker Mountain

Definitely one of the best-named mountains in the ‘dacks, Vanderwhacker is said to be named after one of the early settlers of the area. With an open fire tower and a strenuous but quick climb, it is a perfect summer hike if you are looking to avoid the chaos of some of the busier peaks closer to Keene and Lake Placid.
Mount Adams | Pure Adirondacks

Mount Adams

The Mount Adams fire tower and observation hut have an interesting history, having been saved from demolition and restored in the early 2000s. While there is no view from the summit itself, there are amazing views from the fire tower.

Moxham Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Moxham Mountain

Located in Minerva, the trailhead leading to Moxham Mountain begins out of a small parking area off of 14th Road and continues 2.7 miles to the 2,418-foot summit. The recently established trail up Moxham Mountain was laid out to minimize the steep uphills while trekking up the 1,152 ft. gain and optimize the scenic views along the way.

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