XShot | Brand Spotlight & Review

XShot | Brand Spotlight & Review - Pure Adirondacks

If Evan had to choose just one GoPro accessory to bring with him on an adventure, I could easily tell you that it would be the telescopic poles made by XShot. Whether it be the pocket XShot or the 2.0 version, the convenience of the XShot’s packability is not lost on anyone that has to pack a backpack for anything from a day hike to a 10-day wilderness excursion.  The XShot also enables users to capture moments from perspectives not easily achieved using the GoPro on its own. The extending arm allows photographers and videographers to extend into unique angles.                                                                                     From our numerous adventures in the Adirondacks and beyond over the years, Evan has been able to capture incredible photos and video footage with the XShot products. Most notably, he has used the Pocket XShot (extends 30.5”) and XShot 2.0 (extends 37”). With the tripod adapter mount, he easily is able to attach the GoPro camera. In addition, point & shoot style cameras can be mounted on the poles, as well as smartphones when using the mobile phone holder adapter.

In terms of product highlights, #1 on the list has to be the convenience of closing the pole. When closed, the 2.0 is only 9 inches long, which still makes it simple to fit in a backpack or even a large pocket in your snowpants. Also to note, for those who only plan on using a GoPro camera, the 2.0 for GoPro is a great option. No adapter is needed, so the GoPro can be mounted directly to the pole, which provides for a very stable fit. Another benefit of these telescopic poles is the ability to take the trending “selfie” photo. Rather than just including a headshot in the photo, users are able to get the entire scene around them. The extender poles also make it easy to capture group photos without having to go through the hassle of trying to setup a camera somewhere nearby with a timer or grab a stranger to take one for you. For us, we’ve been able to get all kinds of group shots in amazing places. One of our favorite places in the Adirondacks to take photos with the XShot is in the top of the fire towers!

Overall, these products have been great additions to Evan’s camera bag. While these have been durable, we’d recommend one thing and that’s to be cautious when using them in or around water. While they work fine in water, be sure to dry them out afterwards, as any lingering water that gets inside the pole can cause it to stiffen up and even rust the metal. While this can be a bit of a drawback, a solution has come as XShot will be releasing a sport waterproof version shortly. XShot is also releasing another new product, the Selfie Stick Deluxe. This includes a bluetooth compatible remote that snaps to the pole, along with the phone holder adapter.

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