Summer in the Adirondacks

Summer in the Adirondacks - Pure Adirondacks

Spending summer in the Adirondacks creates many of the greatest memories in our lives. From the peaceful midnight loon calls to bonfires next to a pristine lake, the nostalgic feeling that is evoked from summer camping is one that cannot be beat. Waking up to blue skies and calm waters is the perfect invitation for a day-long paddle full of island hopping and sunbathing. Or if water sports are your cup of tea, tube rides and waterskiing in the refreshing waters of an ADK lake let kids of all ages cool down. Summer in the Adirondacks is also a fisherman's dream - whether standing in the cool rushing water of a river with fly rod in hand or perched in a boat casting for that legendary biggest fish in the lake. With endless options for hikes big and small, adventurers can trek through forests draped in rich green leaves to reach an incredible summit with vast views in every direction. After a great hike, a midday nap in a gently swaying hammock with the scent of cedar and pine on the breeze is enough to put anyone in a good mood. All in all, summer in the ADKs is a time for relaxation and remembering to slow down and enjoy the natural world.

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