Lake Placid 9er Hiking Challenge

Lake Placid 9er Hiking ChallengeThe Lake Placid 9er, an Adirondack hiking challenge based in the Lake Placid, NY region, was created in 2018. The 9er's mission is to attract seasoned hikers as well as those who are new to hitting the trails, offering a chance to explore some of the Lake Placid region's smaller peaks, all of which can be conquered in a morning or afternoon. The peaks were selected to offer some of Lake Placid's most breathtaking views, without taking the 4000+ ft climb that the popular 46 Adirondack high peaks require tackling. The 9'er offers a true Lake Placid experience, including unbeatable views of the surrounding high peaks and the popular Whiteface Mountain, a chance to scale an ADK fire tower, and a trip to the historic Adirondack Loj.

Rank Mountain Elevation (ft) Miles (Round Trip)
1 Cobble Hill 2,332 2.2
2 Mt. Jo 2,876 2.6
3 Baxter Mt. 2,440 2.4
3 Mt. Van Hoevenberg 2,940 4.4
5 Big Crow Mt. 2,815 1.4
6 Bear Den Mt. 2,650 4.5
7 Pitchoff Mt. 3,500 5.2
8 Catamount Mt. 3,169 3.6
9 Hurricane Mt. 3,678 6.8