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Deer Pond Loop - Pure Adirondacks

On a warm winter day, Evan and I were heading back to Liverpool after a visit with his family in Wilmington. We had just dropped off Lucy with Evan’s parents for a stay while we were on vacation - she loves hanging out with her grandparents and exploring their yard. With our cross country skis in the back of the truck, we decided to scope out a trail that we had seen many times on our drives through the Tupper Lake area. We found access to the Deer Pond Loop via Route 30 near Upper Saranac Lake. Clipping into our skis, we made our way into the woods - with sunlight streaming through the trees and snow on the ground, we found our stride and explored just a small portion of the rolling hills of the Deer Pond trails. A wide, flat trail made the skiing very enjoyable. The Deer Pond Loop in full, is 7.3 miles roundtrip.


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Hand-Drawn Map courtesy of Adirondack Explorer:


There are two entrances for the Deer Pond area. We parked and entered near Upper Saranac Lake on Route 30 where there's a small roadside pull-off. The other access point is located 0.5-mile west from the Route 3/30 junction on Route 3 with a small parking area. 

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