Pillsbury Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Pillsbury Mountain

On a beautiful Sunday morning, Evan and I made our way to Speculator in search of another Adirondack fire tower to hike. After hearing many good things about Pillsbury Mountain and the amazing views from its fire tower, we were excited to make the 3.2-mile round trip trek.
Sunrise from Phelps Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Sunrise from Phelps Mountain

It was a Thursday night at Clarkson University and I had no Friday classes. I wanted to go on an adventure, so I checked the weather. The forecast called for clear blue skies, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch a sunrise from the top of one of the Adirondack Peaks.

Gray Peak, Mount Skylight and Mount Marcy | Pure Adirondacks

Gray Peak, Mount Skylight and Mount Marcy

This incredible loop hike takes you up three high peaks in one day, including Mount Marcy, the highest peak in New York. This is completely doable as a day hike, however, there are plenty of lean-to’s and campsites along the way should you want to make this an overnight trip.
Dial & Nippletop Loop | Pure Adirondacks

Dial & Nippletop Loop

On a crisp and clear fall day, Evan and I got an early start out of the St. Hubert’s parking lot. Our destinations for the day: Nippletop and Dial. We decided to do the loop counter-clockwise, ascending through Elk Pass to summit Nippletop first, followed by a gradual descent down to Dial.

Macomb, South Dix, and Grace Peak | Pure Adirondacks

Macomb, South Dix, and Grace Peak

Beginning from the Elk Lake parking area, Evan and I set out to hike our remaining three high peaks in the Dix Range.  We started our trek by heading up the Slide Brook herd path toward Macomb Mountain.  The trail is well worn and smooth for a good portion of the hike, but once you reach the rock slide portion of the trail, the tides change a bit.

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