Trail Log

Summer in the Adirondacks
Waking up to blue skies and calm waters is the perfect invitation for a day-long paddle full of island hopping and sunbathing. Spending summer in the Adirondacks creates many of the greatest memories in our lives. From the peaceful midnight loon calls to bonfires next to a pristine lake, the nostalgic feeling that is evoked from summer camping is one that cannot be beat.
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Camp Trend - Modern Camp Culture

As the Creative Directors for Camp Trend, Mark and Nives have setup a visual based site that we find very inspiring. It points out different camp spots, covers helpful gear that can be used for camping, and also shares their own adventures on the road, as seen through their blog.
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2014: Our Year in Review
These past 12 months have been exciting for Hilary and I -- yet another year full of adventure in the Adirondacks and beyond. From camping in the remote wilderness, paddling new bodies of water, observing 360 views from mountaintop fire towers, making the journey up 8 of the Adirondack High Peaks, and exploring the European Alps, it’s been a year we’ll never forget
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