Cascade Lake Loop | Pure Adirondacks

Cascade Lake Loop

Just off of Big Moose Road and right around the corner from the Moss Lake Loop, the 5.5 mile trail around Cascade Lake is full of old forest, lake views (best from the old camp), a 40-ft waterfall, and even some history. 
Moss Lake Loop | Pure Adirondacks

Moss Lake Loop

For a gentle and pleasant walk, the 2.5-mile loop around Moss Lake is a great option conveniently located off Big Moose Road in the Eagle Bay area.  Winding through the Fulton Chain Wild Forest, the trail around the lake is gradual with minor ascents and descents along the way. 
Crane Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Crane Mountain

More southernly than the better-known peaks of the Adirondacks, Crane Mountain is a great family hike with a steep trail up to the summit, but one that is short enough to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Mount Jo | Pure Adirondacks

Mount Jo

The Adirondack Loj and Heart Lake are located at the foot of Mt. Jo, a 2876' peak in the heart of the Adirondacks. There are two trails that lead to the open rock summit, a steep but short hike with the reward of a sweeping vista of the High Peaks. 
Nippletop Mountain | Pure Adirondacks

Nippletop Mountain

One of the high peaks that it makes the most sense to hike in a series of other peaks, Nippletop has a long level approach before climbing on steeper trails, giving it a more significant mileage number despite the fact that the climb is not terribly long.
Castle Rock | 2,480ft | Pure Adirondacks

Castle Rock | 2,480ft

This is another one of those small Adirondack hikes with a great reward. Located at the end of Maple Lodge Road, you’ll find the trailhead and parking area for this hike, which is located right next to the Minnowbrook Conference Center in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. 

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